Born in Poland in 1979, David Meyer grew up in a rural area with magnificent landscapes. Since early childhood, he was developing his creative skills through writing poetry and fiction. His interest in visual arts was introduced through the interests of his mother, a hobbyist painter, as well as through watching his father design and create everyday objects seemingly out of nothing.

During his studies, he discovered the art of photography whilst becoming involved in preparing photography exhibitions for student organisations. Initially, his own photographic attempts were of completely utilitarian and casual nature. After moving to the UK in 2007, he encountered Italian sports and events photographer, Luca Trebbi, from whom he received a gift of love for photography.

David Meyer has been honing his photography and retouching skills on his own, doing both commercial and personal assignments in the fields of portraiture, fashion, beauty, still life and architectural photography. Currently he specializes in creating beauty and fashion imagery as it allows him to collaborate with other creative individuals, telling their stories and showing their talents to the world. He also photographs fashion events, both in the UK and in his native Poland.